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ANCIENT GREECE: Corinth Silver Stater feat. Pegasus AU 5x5 Star Quality

As one of the most important Greek city-states, Corinth was an early adopter of coinage and their cornerstone Stater was the Silver Pegasus featuring the famous winged-horse associated in myth to Corinth. Often mistaken for Athena, it’s now more widely agreed that the reverse features Aphrodite, the goddess of Corinth, bearing a battle helmet. The Acrocorinthos mountain that rose above the city was home to a famous temple honoring Aphrodite and home to part of the Pegasus myth.

Featuring two popular mythical figures, it’s no surprise that the Silver Pegasus has become one of the most popular Ancient Staters landing at #23 in the 100 Greatest Ancient Coins book (see page 56). In addition, we like them for their understated beauty created by the simple attractive designs.

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Stunning and well centered Corinthian Silver stater depicting Pegasus in mid-flight and Athena or Aprhodite on the other side. Gorgeous and original coin in all regards and highly recommended.

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