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Philip II | Silver Tetradrachm | EP | MS Star 5x4

The Kingdom of Macedon Silver Tetradrachm from the reign of Philip II, 359-336 B.C., is a significant piece of ancient history. This particular coin, with a weight of 14.35 grams, is an early posthumous issue and is certified by NGC Ancients with an MS Star grade, indicating exceptional quality. It also has a perfect strike rating of 5/5 and a surface rating of 4/5, emphasizing its fine detail and minimal wear.

Obverse The obverse of this stunning tetradrachm depicts Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, facing right. He is shown seated, holding an eagle and a scepter, symbols of his divine authority and power. The intricate detail on the coin captures Zeus's commanding presence, reflecting the reverence and importance attributed to him in the ancient world. The quality of this obverse design, with its high relief and crisp detail, showcases the exceptional skill of Macedonian minters.

Reverse The reverse features a dynamic image of a youth on horseback, a common motif representing the strength and valor of the Macedonian cavalry. This imagery is associated with Philip II's military prowess and his innovative use of cavalry in battle. The youth is depicted in motion, adding a sense of energy and dynamism to the coin's design. The fine details, including the horse's posture and the youth's attire, underscore the artistry and precision involved in creating this ancient coin.

Condition and Certification With its MS Star grade, this Silver Tetradrachm exhibits a remarkable level of quality, with a perfect strike and a high surface rating. The star designation is a testament to the coin's exceptional visual appeal, indicating outstanding luster and eye-catching features. The certification by NGC Ancients confirms its authenticity and condition, providing collectors with confidence in their investment.

Historical Significance Philip II of Macedon was a pivotal figure in ancient history, known for his military conquests and for laying the groundwork for his son, Alexander the Great. Coins from his reign, like this tetradrachm, represent the power and influence of Macedon during his rule. This coin's design elements, showcasing Zeus and youth on horseback, reflect the themes of divine authority and military strength that characterized Philip II's era.

This magnificent Silver Tetradrachm from the Kingdom of Macedon is available for purchase at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. If you're interested in acquiring this coin or learning more about ancient Macedonian coinage, please reach out to an Austin Rare Coins Advisor for further assistance.

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Philip II | Silver Tetradrachm | EP | MS Star 5x4

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