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Phoenicia | Silver Quarter Shekel |CHVF | 5x3

The Phoenicia, Sidon ABD Astart I AR Quarter-Shekel, minted between 356-352 BC, stands as an extraordinary relic from the ancient Phoenician city of Sidon. This captivating silver coin, certified by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) in Ch VF (Choice Very Fine) condition, allows us to peer back in time to an era when Sidon was a bustling maritime and cultural hub of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Obverse Design - War Galley: The obverse side of this remarkable quarter-shekel bears the image of a war galley, a symbol of the maritime prowess that defined the Phoenicians. The intricate detailing of the ship, complete with oars and a raised prow, attests to the craftsmanship of the era. It serves as a powerful reminder of Sidon's significance as a seafaring city, renowned for its skilled sailors and traders.

Reverse Design - Chariot Scene and Year 6 (360/59 BC): Flipping the coin to its reverse side reveals a captivating chariot scene. Two horses are depicted in full gallop, drawing a chariot driven by a skilled charioteer. This imagery is not merely decorative; it likely carries historical and cultural significance, reflecting the importance of chariot races and equestrian sports in Sidon during this period. The inclusion of the year "6" (360/59 BC) adds a valuable historical context, indicating the coin's minting date and serving as a tangible link to the past.

NGC Certification and Condition: This Sidon ABD Astart I Quarter-Shekel has undergone rigorous examination and has been certified by NGC, a reputable numismatic grading authority. It holds a Ch VF (Choice Very Fine) rating, signifying its remarkable state of preservation and detail, with a striking quality rated at 5/5 for its strike and 3/5 for its surface condition. While its surface may exhibit signs of age and use, the overall quality of this coin remains highly impressive.

Historical Significance: Sidon was one of the great Phoenician cities, known for its maritime trade, advanced metallurgy, and cultural contributions to the ancient world. Coins like this Quarter-Shekel provide invaluable insights into the art, culture, and society of Sidon during this period, serving as historical touchstones that connect us with the city's rich past.

In conclusion, the Phoenicia, Sidon ABD Astart I AR Quarter-Shekel from 356-352 BC is a rare and captivating artifact that opens a window into the world of ancient Sidon. With its remarkable NGC certification, striking imagery, and historical context, this coin is a prized addition to any collection, offering a tangible link to the maritime heritage and cultural vibrancy of the Phoenician civilization.

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Phoenicia | Silver Quarter Shekel |CHVF | 5x3
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