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Ptolemy III | Gold Octodrachm | XF 5x1

Ancient Ptolemaic Gold Octodrachm: A Remarkable Piece of History

The Ptolemaic Gold Octodrachm, weighing 27.76 grams, is a significant artifact from the reign of Ptolemy III, minted posthumously under Ptolemy IV from 246-222 BC. This remarkable coin, certified by NGC Ancients in Extremely Fine (XF) condition, boasts a Strike rating of 5/5 and a Surface rating of 1/5, underscoring its historical and numismatic value.

Historical Context

The Ptolemaic dynasty, founded by Ptolemy I Soter, a general under Alexander the Great, ruled Egypt for nearly three centuries. Ptolemy III, known as Euergetes ("Benefactor"), was the third pharaoh of this dynasty. His reign marked a period of prosperity and military success, significantly expanding the Ptolemaic empire. The Octodrachm minted during his reign and subsequently under Ptolemy IV, reflects this era's wealth and artistic sophistication.

Obverse: The Divine Portrait

The obverse of the Ptolemaic Gold Octodrachm features the portrait of Ptolemy III, depicted with divine attributes. This portrayal aligns with the Hellenistic tradition of depicting rulers with god-like features, emphasizing their authority and divine right to rule. The detailed craftsmanship highlights the artistic skills of ancient engravers, capturing Ptolemy III's likeness with remarkable precision.

Reverse: Diademed Cornucopia

The reverse side showcases a diademed cornucopia, a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The cornucopia, adorned with a diadem, signifies the wealth and fertility of the Ptolemaic kingdom. This imagery reflects the dynasty's efforts to promote an image of prosperity and divine favor, reinforcing their legitimacy and stability.

Certification and Condition

Certified by NGC Ancients, this Gold Octodrachm is graded as Extremely Fine (XF). The Strike rating of 5/5 indicates an exceptionally well-defined design, with sharp details preserved over millennia. However, the Surface rating of 1/5 suggests significant wear, typical for coins of such antiquity, adding to its historical character and authenticity.

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Ptolemy III | Gold Octodrachm | XF 5x1
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