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Roman | Galla | Gold Solidus | CH-AU 4x3

An undeniable Roman rarity and one of only 14 examples certified in any condition!  In terms of Roman gold, this ranks as one of the rarest overall we have ever encountered.

Explore a remarkable piece of ancient history with our Galla Placidia Solidus, a gold coin from the Western Roman Empire, dating back to AD 421-450. Weighing 4.50 grams, this exquisite coin was minted in Ravenna during a tumultuous period in Roman history.

On the obverse, the coin features a detailed depiction of Galla Placidia, the daughter of Emperor Theodosius I, known for her influential role in Roman politics. Her bust, seen from the front, is crowned by the Hand of God reaching down from above, and she wears a pearl diadem, a double-beaded necklace, and an earring. Notably, a Christogram appears on her right shoulder, symbolizing her Christian faith.

On the back of this solidus, Victory is seen sitting upright on a cuirass, writing Chi-Rho's name on a shield that is balanced on her knee. The pure gold material is shown by the COMOB mint stamp on the bottom.

With its beautiful style, broad flan, and intricate details, this Galla Placidia solidus is not just a coin, but a testament to the rich history of the Western Roman Empire and its transition to Christianity. The quality and craftsmanship is remarkable and all design details are fully centered and bold.

This solidus is a remarkable piece that represents the elegance and history of the late Western Roman Empire. If you'd like to find out more about this coin or other Roman Empire coins, talk to an Austin Rare Coins Advisor today! The coin pictured is the coin you will receive once purchased. 

Watch the video below to get an in-depth look at this coin and learn more about its unique features. For more information or to inquire about purchasing, contact an Austin Coins Advisor today!


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Roman | Galla | Gold Solidus | CH-AU 4x3 | Obverse
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