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Roman | Lucilla | Silver | Denarius | XF

This ancient Roman Empire coin is a silver Denarius from the reign of Lucilla, AD 164-182/3, known for its historical and artistic value. Certified by NGC Ancients in Extremely Fine (XF) condition, this coin is part of the prestigious SPQR collection, offering a glimpse into the time of the Antonine Dynasty.

The obverse of the coin features a draped bust of Lucilla facing right, with the inscription "LVCILLA AVGVSTA" encircling her image. This depiction highlights her status as the daughter of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the wife of co-emperor Lucius Verus. Her serene expression and detailed drapery reflect the refined artistry typical of Roman coinage during this era.

On the reverse, the coin displays Venus Victrix, symbolizing victory and success. Venus is standing to the left, holding a small Victory in her outstretched right hand, while her left hand rests on a shield set on a helmet. The surrounding inscription "VENVS VICTRIX" emphasizes the goddess's role in Roman mythology as both a symbol of beauty and a bringer of triumph. This imagery encapsulates the Roman Empire's ideals of conquest and divine favor.

The Extremely Fine condition of this silver Denarius ensures that the intricate details remain clear and the coin's overall appearance is well-preserved. The NGC certification offers collectors a guarantee of authenticity and condition, providing confidence in the quality of the piece. The SPQR collection's inclusion of this coin further attests to its historical and numismatic significance.

This silver Denarius of Lucilla is not only a beautiful artifact but also a testament to the rich history of the Roman Empire. It is available for purchase at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of ancient Roman history. To learn more about this coin and other treasures in the SPQR collection, contact an Austin Coin Advisor today.

Please know that we have several coins all of which are in XF quality. The coin pictured may not be the exact coin you will receive but all coins are similar in grade and eye appeal.

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Roman | Lucilla | Silver | Denarius | XF
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