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Roman | Septimius Severus | Silver | Denarius XF

This is a rare and exquisite silver denarius from the reign of Septimius Severus, Roman Emperor from AD 193 to 211. It has been certified by NGC Ancients in Extremely Fine (XF) condition, ensuring both its authenticity and quality.

The obverse of the coin features a detailed portrait of Septimius Severus, facing right. His hair is depicted as curly and short, with a full beard. The inscription surrounding his portrait typically reads "SEVERVS PIVS AVG," signifying his role as Emperor and his piety.

The reverse side presents a finely detailed depiction of Victory, the Roman goddess symbolizing success in battle. Victory is shown advancing to the left, her wings spread elegantly behind her. She holds a wreath in her extended right hand and a palm branch sloped over her left shoulder, signifying triumph and glory. This imagery is often associated with the success of the Roman legions and the consolidation of power during Severus's reign.

The coin's striking details and preservation make it a valuable collector's item. The Extremely Fine (XF) certification by NGC Ancients indicates that the coin has minimal wear, with sharp details on both the obverse and reverse sides. This level of quality and preservation makes it a highly desirable addition to any collection of ancient coins or Roman artifacts.

Septimius Severus played a significant role in Roman history, establishing the Severan dynasty and strengthening the empire through military campaigns and reforms. Owning this coin provides a tangible connection to that era, capturing the essence of Roman triumph and stability.

Available for sale at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, this silver denarius offers both historical significance and collector's appeal. It is a unique opportunity to own a piece of ancient Roman history in exceptional condition.

Please know that we have several coins all of which are in XF quality. The coin pictured may not be the exact coin you will receive but all coins are similar in grade and eye appeal.

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Roman Empire, Septimius Severus, Silver Denarius, NGC, Extremely Fine
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