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Roman | Trajan | Denarius | AU 4x3

The Roman Trajan Denarius is a captivating relic from the zenith of the Roman Empire, reflecting the power and prosperity under Emperor Trajan's rule. This coin, certified by NGC in About Uncirculated (AU) condition, with a Strike quality of 4/5 and a Surface quality of 3/5, offers a unique glimpse into the grandeur of ancient Rome.

Historical Context

Minted during the reign of Emperor Trajan (98-117 CE), the Trajan Denarius epitomizes an era of extensive territorial expansion and architectural achievement. Trajan is renowned for his military conquests, including the Dacian Wars, and for significant infrastructure projects such as Trajan's Forum and Trajan's Column. These achievements not only solidified Rome's dominance but also heralded a period of relative peace and economic prosperity.

Design and Symbolism

The obverse of the Trajan Denarius features a finely detailed portrait of Emperor Trajan, showcasing his distinguished features and laurel wreath. This portrait emphasizes the emperor's authority and divine favor, essential aspects of Roman imperial propaganda.

On the reverse, the coin depicts Concordia, the goddess of harmony and agreement, standing and holding a patera (a ceremonial dish) and a cornucopia. Concordia symbolizes unity and peace within the empire, reflecting Trajan's efforts to maintain stability and prosperity throughout his realm.

NGC Certification

Certified in About Uncirculated (AU) condition, this denarius displays minimal wear, with most of its intricate details well-preserved. The Strike grade of 4/5 indicates a sharp and well-defined impression, highlighting the skilled craftsmanship of Roman minters. The Surface grade of 3/5 suggests some surface irregularities, typical for ancient coins, but overall, the coin remains in an excellent state of preservation for its age.

Significance and Collectibility

The Roman Trajan Denarius is more than just an ancient coin; it is a tangible link to one of history's most illustrious emperors and a period of great Roman achievements. The depiction of Concordia on the reverse adds to its historical significance, symbolizing the harmony and unity that were central to Trajan's vision for the empire. The coin's certification by NGC provides assurance of its authenticity and condition, making it a valuable addition to any collection of ancient artifacts.

You can acquire this remarkable Roman Trajan Denarius today at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, offering you a direct connection to the splendor of the Roman Empire and a unique piece of numismatic history.

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Roman | Trajan | Denarius | AU 4x3
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