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Roman Vitellius Aureus | NGC | VF 5x2

69 AD was the “year of the four Caesars” and coins depicting any of the four emperors during this tumultuous period are excessively rare, particulary gold aurei.

Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian all ruled for a short period of time during this time of Civil War and this Vitellius aureus is one of under 100 certified by NGC ancients in any grade. It has been given a perfect 5/5 strike rating and the 2/5 surface rating is due to “scuffs” on the surface.

Most coins from this time period are severely impaired and far more worn than this example. They are always a high-ticket item, no matter the condition because so few exist.

In fact, only 2 of these are known in Mint condition, and they sell for several hundred thousand dollars, if you can even find one. Vitellius is one of the key coins in the series, obviously, and the present coin offers a lot of bang for the buck with evenly worn surfaces and excellent centering and detail.

If you are trying to build a set of Roman gold, this coin is a must-have and we rarely handle one every few years.

Coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

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