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10-oz. Silver Bars - Our Choice of Brand & Design (.999-fine)

NOTE: High demand is currently making brief delays of 3-5 days possible.

Rest assured that we only handle the best silver bars made by the top names in the business, all of which feature their weight and global standard .999-fine silver purity. The cheapest and quickest of these reputable brands varies, often week to week. By “Our Choice”, we mean that we’ll fill orders with the brand and design of 10-oz. silver bars that are currently the cheapest and quickest.

Silver bar buyers often favor the 10-oz. weight over smaller or larger bars for its combination of better value and still reasonable size that’s easy to handle. It’s worth noting that all silver bars can have reporting implications, which leads many bullion buyers to opt for 1-oz. silver coins, so call for advice and guidance to learn more about the best silver options.

Let us choose the best bars for you in return for speed and value or reach out if you prefer a specific brand which are also featured on this landing page.

Volume Pricing

QtyCheck or WireCredit Card or PayPal
1 - 4$320.72$333.22
5 - 9 $319.12 $331.55
10 - 49 $317.52 $329.89
50+ $314.30 $326.55
Lowest Price $314.30

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  • Date: None
  • Mint: Our choice. All bars will meet the global standard of .999-fine and be from major, reputable manufacturers.
  • Weight: 10-oz.
  • Purity: .999-fine
  • Dimensions: Varies depending on brand
  • Obverse design: Varies, but generally features the brand name, logo, weight, purity, and often a serial number.
  • Reverse design: Varies, but generally more simple than the obverse and sometimes there is no design.
  • IRA Eligible: Certain brands are. Call for details.
  • Non-reportable: No. Call for details.
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