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1 oz - Swiss Pamp Gold Bar

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1 Oz. Swiss Pamp Gold Bars offer investors an extremely convenient and portable way of owning bulk Gold Bullion.

We are excited to offer the 1 Oz. Swiss Pamp Mint Gold Bars for several reasons, they are easy to transport and both their Gold content and the quality of minting are to the highest industry standards.

Gold Bars tend to be the lowest premium over the spot price when you are purchasing the Metal. However, when you are selling them, you tend to get paid a small premium below the spot price.

There is a buy / sell spread on all metal. Gold Bars have the lowest premiums, 1 Oz. Gold Coins are a little more expensive than Gold Bars and fractional Gold Coins are a little more expensive than 1 Oz. Gold Coins.

This scale is there when you buy and when you sell. We can pay the least amount over spot for Gold Bars, we pay a little more for 1 Oz. Gold Coins, and we typically can pay a little more than that for fractional Gold Coins.

The only downside to owning Gold Bars is they are Non-private.

This means that when we purchase 32.15 ounces of Gold Bars from and individual in a 12 month period we have to file a 1099-B.

You can purchase as many of the Gold Bars as you want, however when you sell, anything sold over 32.15 ounces will require additional paperwork.

Coins are Private, so you can buy or sell as many as you like without any invasive paperwork.

Swiss Pamp Mint Gold Bars are refined to the highest standards of 99.99% fine gold. Each gold bar is of 24 karat Gold purity and has the exact purity and weight stamped on each gold bar.

To learn more about Private vs. Non-private metal, or to see what our discounted prices today are, please call one of our expert Metal Advisers @ 1-800-928-6468  

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20 - 500 $1,379.61 $1,422.28

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Gold Bars Accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau

Swiss Gold Bars begin at the assay facilities supervised by sworn assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the control of precious metals. Switzerland is known worldwide for precision and producing the highest quality gold bars. Over the years PAMP has created an extraordinary reputation for purity and quality of their gold bars. The PAMP Gold Bars were created using the highest Swiss engineering skills at their modern, high technology refinery to assure you of consistent gold quality. That's what really matters to gold investors and it should matter to you when you're thinking of buying gold bars. If you find gold bars cheaper elsewhere, they might not be genuine and backed by a recognized industry leader you can trust.

Unique, Finely Detailed Gold Bars

The high quality, PAMP Gold Bar finish is an internationally recognized PAMP characteristic. The handsome designs add value to their fine gold content and make them popular as collectibles. We love the designs, high quality, value and security built into PAMP Swiss Gold Bars and we think you'll love them too. Order one for yourself and you'll discover how PAMP raises the quality standards for beauty and quality of what's expected in a gold bar.


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