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Thrace | Lysimachus | Tetradrachm | CH-VF 5x4 FS

Kingdom of Thrace Coin: Lysimachus AR Tetradrachm (305-281 BC)

This exceptional AR Tetradrachm from the Kingdom of Thrace, issued during the reign of Lysimachus (305-281 BC), is a fascinating piece of ancient history. Weighing 16.75 grams, this early posthumous issue, likely minted in Byzantium, features a striking portrait of Alexander III on the obverse and an iconic depiction of Athena on the reverse. Certified in Choice Very Fine condition, this coin boasts a remarkable Strike rating of 5/5 and a Surface rating of 4/5, emphasizing its fine style and historical significance.

Obverse: Portrait of Alexander III

The obverse of the Lysimachus Tetradrachm presents an impressive portrait of Alexander the Great, depicted with divine attributes. Alexander is shown wearing the horn of Ammon, a symbol of his deification and association with the god Zeus-Ammon. This detailed and lifelike portrayal underscores the high level of artistry and craftsmanship achieved by ancient engravers, capturing the likeness of one of history's greatest conquerors.

Reverse: Athena

The reverse of the coin features the revered goddess Athena, depicted in a dynamic pose. Athena is shown seated, holding a Nike in her extended right hand, symbolizing victory, while her left hand rests on a shield adorned with a lion's head. An owl, a symbol of wisdom and a sacred animal to Athena, is perched beside her. This imagery highlights the attributes of wisdom, war, and victory associated with the goddess, reinforcing the cultural and mythological significance of the coin.

Certification and Condition

Certified in Choice Very Fine condition, this AR Tetradrachm exhibits exceptional detail and preservation. The Strike rating of 5/5 indicates a well-defined design with sharp features, while the Surface rating of 4/5 suggests minimal wear and excellent preservation. The fine style of this coin further enhances its appeal, showcasing the artistic skill and aesthetic sensibilities of the ancient minting process.

Historical Context

Lysimachus, one of Alexander the Great's trusted generals, became ruler of Thrace, Asia Minor, and Macedon after Alexander's death. His coinage often featured Alexander's portrait to legitimize his rule and emphasize continuity with Alexander's legacy. This Tetradrachm, minted posthumously, reflects the enduring influence of Alexander the Great and the stability and prosperity of Lysimachus' reign.

Numismatic Significance

The Lysimachus AR Tetradrachm is a valuable and historically significant coin, highly prized by collectors and historians. Its detailed design, excellent condition, and rich historical background make it a standout piece in any collection. Coins like this offer a tangible connection to the ancient world, providing insights into the political and cultural landscape of the Hellenistic period.

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Kingdom of Thrace Coin - Lysimachus (305/281 BC) AR Tetradrachm: A Tribute to Alexander the Great and Athena's Valor
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