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Tiberius | Gold Aureus | NGC AU 4x3

Introducing the Roman Empire Tiberius AD 14-37 Gold Aureus, a captivating piece of ancient coinage that transports us to the reign of Emperor Tiberius. Weighing 7.80g and minted in Lugdunum, this gold coin offers a glimpse into the grandeur and history of the Roman Empire.

In an impressive About Uncirculated condition, this Aureus exhibits a remarkable level of preservation, showcasing the enduring craftsmanship of ancient Roman minters. With a striking 4/5 strike rating, the details and design elements on the coin are sharp and well-defined, highlighting the skillful execution of the engravers. The surface, with a 3/5 rating, reveals some signs of wear and age, adding to its historical authenticity and charm.

On the reverse side of this Aureus, we find a captivating depiction of Livia, the esteemed wife of Emperor Augustus, personified as Pax, the embodiment of peace. Livia stands gracefully, draped in elegant attire, holding an olive branch in her right hand, symbolizing peace and harmony. This portrayal captures the essence of Pax, reflecting the desire for tranquility during the reign of Tiberius.

The obverse of the coin features a regal portrait of Emperor Tiberius, radiating authority and power. His likeness showcases his distinctive features, including his prominent nose and distinctive hairstyle. Surrounding the portrait, you may find inscriptions denoting Tiberius as the ruler of the Roman Empire during this period.

The Roman Empire Tiberius AD 14-37 AV Aureus is not just a piece of gold; it is a tangible link to the illustrious past of one of history's most renowned empires. Owning this coin allows you to hold a piece of ancient Rome in your hands, connecting you to the legacy of Tiberius and the rich cultural and political heritage of the Roman Empire.

In conclusion, this Roman Empire Tiberius AD 14-37 AV Aureus is a captivating testament to the artistry and history of the Roman Empire. Its remarkable condition, combined with the depiction of Livia as Pax and the regal portrait of Emperor Tiberius, makes it a desirable addition to any numismatic collection. Explore the ancient world and relish the allure of Rome with this exceptional Aureus.

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Tiberius | Gold Aureus | NGC AU 4x3
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