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1/2-oz. 2020 Gold American Eagles

For both gold investors and enthusiasts, we highly recommend you consider stashing away the half-ounce sized American Eagle.

Typically the mintage each year on the 1/2 ounce sized coins is much smaller than the other three sizes. As a result, over time, many of the $25 (1/2 ounce) Gold Eagles struck in past trade at a considerable premium over their gold content.

This is still a large coin and it's easy to see all the fine details. While they're available you should put away several American Eagle Gold half-ouncers today.

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The new 2020 Gold American Eagle coins are now available!

We highly recommend American Eagle Gold Coins for first time gold buyers.  Gold Eagles are issued exclusively by the U.S. Mint as both a gold investment vehicle and a beautiful collector coin. Unlike many bullion gold coins, American Eagles are private, non-reportable and preferred by serious gold investors for complete privacy, safety and security.

Genuine Legal Tender Gold Coins

American Eagle Gold Coins were first issued in 1986 by the U.S. Mint and quickly became one of the leading gold bullion coin investments available in the world today. American Eagles are minted in 91.67% fine gold. Each coin contains additional silver and copper, creating a harder gold coin that resists scratching and marring.

The obverse is inspired by Augustus St. Gaudens' design from $20 Gold pieces minted between 1907 and 1933. The reverse design features a nest of Eagles, a symbol of America's family traditions. They are the only bullion gold coins of their kind with weight and gold content guaranteed by the U.S. Government.

Insist on Private, Non-Reportable Gold

We urge you to acquire American Eagle Gold Coins from dealers like us who will protect your privacy and never ask for your social security number or require an application. That way, your Gold is totally private and non-reportable.

It's quick and easy to order American Eagle Gold Coins online from Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. 

Be sure to call us at 1-800-928-6468 for cash and quantity discounts on this product. 

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