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1 oz. | 2015 Australian Silver Koala | MS-70 | First Strike

The 2015 Silver Australian Koala, certified by NGC as MS 70, is a shining example of the exceptional quality and artistry that characterizes Australian coinage. Notably, this coin is among the first 1,500 struck, further enhancing its desirability among collectors.

The Australian Koala series is celebrated for its captivating designs, which beautifully depict the endearing koala, an iconic Australian marsupial. Graded as MS 70, this coin boasts flawless condition and impeccable contrast between frosted and mirrored surfaces, setting it apart as a true collector's delight.

Owning one of the first 1,500 coins struck adds an extra layer of prestige to this already impressive piece. It signifies that you possess not only a meticulously crafted work of art but also a limited-edition collector's item. The 2015 Silver Australian Koala in MS 70 captures the essence of Australia's unique wildlife and the exceptional craftsmanship of its mint. For collectors who seek the highest quality in numismatic art, this coin is a prized addition to your collection.

All coins in this offer are certified by NGC as perfect, MS-70 examples.  Supplies are very limited.

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