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1808 | Bolivia | 8 Escudo | MS 62

Introducing a remarkable numismatic treasure, the 1808-PTS PJ 8 Escudo from Bolivia, certified by PCGS in Mint State 62. This coin, designated as Calico-1714 in the cataloging system by Xavier Calicó, stands as a testament to the historical and cultural richness of early 19th-century Bolivian coinage.

The obverse of this splendid coin showcases intricate designs characteristic of the era, offering a captivating glimpse into Bolivia's colonial past. The reverse features symbolic elements, reflecting the influence of Spanish colonial design on South American coinage during this period.

Graded Mint State 62 by PCGS, this 1808-PTS PJ 8 Escudo retains exceptional details and luster, a testament to the craftsmanship employed in its minting over two centuries ago. As a certified numismatic artifact, this coin not only holds monetary value but also serves as a tangible link to Bolivia's numismatic heritage.

The mint mark "PTS" signifies the Potosí Mint, while the assayer mark "PJ" identifies the assayer responsible for maintaining the coin's quality and metal content. The reference "Calico-1714" corresponds to the cataloging system developed by Xavier Calicó, providing collectors with a specific identifier for this extraordinary coin.

Owning this coin provides a unique connection to a piece of history, representing a time when coinage was a true art form. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of early 19th-century Bolivian numismatics with the 1808-PTS PJ 8 Escudo, a prized addition for discerning collectors.

Secure this historical gem for your collection. Contact Austin Rare Coins & Bullion to acquire the distinguished 1808-PTS PJ 8 Escudo, a certified testament to Bolivia's numismatic legacy.

The coin shown is the exact one you will receive. Highly recommended.

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1808 | Bolivia | 8 Escudo | MS 62
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