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History of German Hyperinflation-Twelve Different Notes in Booklet

When naysayers warn of the perils of inflation, what they're really talking about is Hyperinflation; defined as a monthly rate of inflation in excess of 50 percent. This fascinating booklet contains twelve original notes from Weimar, Germany in the early 1900's, and each is guaranteed to have been inspected and guaranteed authentic. This remarkable collection of notes begins in September, 1922 and has a 1,000 mark note. Next, there is a 50,000 mark note from November, a 100K mark note from Feb of 1923......all the way up to a 500 million mark note from September of 1923. By this time, Germans were literally burning these notes to stay warm in the winter. If you're looking for a remarkable gift or an interesting lesson in fiscal history, it's hard to beat the value in this collection of hyperinflation notes from the Weimar Republic.

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German Hyperinflation Notes - Mint Condition--Banknotes of History in Display Booklet
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