SS Central America Shipwreck Coins

The Treasure of the SS Central America ranges from large gold ingots of various sizes to newly-minted $20 gold pieces, freshly struck in San Francisco, and every other denomination of coinage imaginable. The recovered treasure is unprecedented in terms of scope, size and quality.

Today, Austin rare coins and bullion handles many of the finest coins recovered from the SS Central America available for sale. Make sure to call 1-800-928-6468 for up-to-the-minute availability and pricing on the exclusive release of the gold Treasures recovered from the SS Central America shipwreck of 1857. We have exclusive access to many of the overlooked, fundamental rarities available from this extraordinary piece of American history.

Call a Shipwreck Coin Advisors to answer any of your questions. Also, make sure to download your Free Ship Wreck Collection Report below!

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