Here are some frequently asked question and a guide step-by-step guide to help you through the process of acquiring gold and silver with your IRA or other retirement accounts.

As your Precious Metals Dealer, Austin Rare Coins & Bullion will help you to design your acquisition. We will advise you on what you can own in your IRA, and answer any of your precious metals related questions.

However, you need a custodian for your new Self-Direct/Precious Metals IRA Account and that’s why we’ve partnered with New Direction Trust Company to handle the details of opening your new account, transferring funds from your current IRA or 401(k), and maintaining your account in the years ahead. This partnership has created a process that’s as smooth and efficient as possible for you. We have answers to most of your questions, but when necessary, please refer to our friends at New Direction whom you can reach at 1-877-742-1270, ext. 155, but first let’s review a few things.

1) Download this Precious Metals Transaction Guide which provides an excellent education on opening this type of IRA account.

2) In addition, we have a simple Summary Page with further guidance, links to FAQ and Fee Schedule pages, and an “Open Account” button under “Get Started Today!” where you can created your account when you’re ready: Go to our form to get your link to get started!

3) Fee Info: For a high-level overview of the fees you can expect, please see below.
  • $30 Application Fee
  • $95 Transaction Fee (per purchase or sale of metals)
  • $30 Outgoing wire fee
  • $150 Annual Fee
  • Storage fees vary depending on the storage provider.
  • First-year total fees = $305 + storage. Following year fees = $150 + storage
4) Patience. As you may expect, this process will require some patience since new account creation, liquidating positions, and transferring funds between brokerages can take a couple of weeks. We can use this time to complete your education, answer your questions, then discuss and develop a game-plan for your acquisition so we’re ready to go when you’re New Direction Account is complete. 

5) We’re Ready to Go. New Direction contacts us once you have the green light so we’ll call you to complete your acquisition. If you’ve done business with us before, the rest of this process won’t be much different other than the fact that you obviously won’t be receiving your gold and silver. As discussed, we’ll ship it to a highly reputable and secure depository. We work with DDSC in Delaware and IDS which has depositories in both Delaware and Dallas.

We’ll handle everything else “behind the scenes” along with New Direction Trust Company. Pretty soon you’ll be able to sign in with New Direction Trust Company and see all of your account details. That’s it. Now you’ve secured retirement funds in physical precious – one of the best asset classes for wealth preservation, safety, and growth in the years ahead. I’m here to help you at any point so just call me at 1-800-549-2391. Thank you.

Who is New Direction IRA?
New Direction IRA is a trusted provider of investor education for retirement accounts and HSAs. The services provided enable individual investors to take control of their tax-advantaged accounts using alternative asset opportunities ideally suited to each investor’s goals and investment style. New Direction IRA has over a decade of experience in asset acquisitions, leads the self-directed IRA industry in technology, and has a proven track record for providing clients with quality service.

Where are the Precious Metals stored?

Your IRA's precious metals cannot be held by you individually. You must elect a depository to store your metals. New Direction IRA does not endorse any depository. You are free to choose the depository that best fits your needs. We can work with any depository that you choose.