How to Buy Gold


When Buying Private, Physical Gold Coins:

  • Bying Physical Gold with RyanNever give anyone your Social Security #
  • Avoiding privacy risks with Gold ETFs
  • Forget "paper gold..." it isn't Gold at all
  • Hold Gold Coins safely and privately

There are hard and fast rules we highly recommend you follow without exception to guarantee you maximum safety, privacy, and successful investing in gold and other precious metals. 

Stay Out of the Prying Eyes of the IRS - Never give anyone your Social Security number before you buy gold. You should never give up your SS number or Driver's licenses number to any company when you can buy directly from firms like the Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. There is only one use for your Social Security number and that's to link you directly to the US government computers. 

Avoid Privacy Problems with Gold ETFs - In exchange for a convenient way to buy gold through your stock broker, you give up your privacy completely to Exchange Traded Funds. In addition to the core issue of privacy, many articles have pointed out a gold ETF is a far cry from holding private, non-reportable gold in your possession. While gold ETFs are generally tracking funds that mimic the gold market, over time, buying real gold coins creates immediate pressure on the demand for gold. 

Never Let Anyone Hold Your Gold for You - Throughout modern history, time and again, companies have sold people gold coins and promised to hold their gold for them. Instead, they take their clients money, send them a receipt and run off with the money. Recently a large dealer who was claiming to hold a large quantity of rare gold coins for their client was exposed as a fraud when his vaults were empty. The customer was out $500,000 and had no legal recourse for recovery. 

Gold and Silver Market Report You Can Buy and Store Gold Safely - Gold is very easy to take possession of. You can store it in a safety deposit box at the bank for $125 a year, and know you have the coins nearby if you need them for an emergency. Paper gold in an ETF or that someone else stores for you brings unnecessary counter party risk into play. 

Buying from an Honest, Reputable, Dealer Is a Must -
When you want minimum hassles when buying gold, buy from a firm that's been around. We've been in the business since 1989 and during all stages of the Bull Market. We treat our clients fairly, honestly, and plan on being around to buy back your gold years from now. 

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What's the best private, non-reportable gold available today? 

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