Why Invest in Silver Coins & Bars


Why the White Metal Might Make a Turn-Around?

We have seen many changes in the silver market and continue to feel the coming years could be a great opportunity to enter the Silver Market at bargain-low prices. The 70s was a decade of back-to-back recessions, high unemployment, financial upheaval, rising oil prices, inflation, huge Government spending, and uncertainty for US Stocks and Bonds. Back then, investors took the flight to safety into precious metals. Silver profited handsomely as prices soared from $1.29 in the mid-1960s to peak at $50.00 an oz. in 1980. Silver prices outperformed gold across the decade and soared by 3,775%.

Shortages and Tight Supplies

In recent years we have seen delays and shortages due to tight supplies. In fact, the US Mint indicated that they were sold completely out in 2012, 2013, 2014, and also 2015! Silver Eagles, were overrun with demand and needed time to catch up on pending orders. As a result, wholesale premiums on Silver Eagles went up by nearly 3%.


How to Survive a Stagnant Economy with Inflation

We cannot over-emphasize to investors that the world economy has shrunk dramatically. The consumer-driven US must be reshaped and restructured. That will take time. To preserve wealth and thrive, we must re-examine carefully the risks and rewards. In the coming decade of social and economic uncertainty, precious metals remain poised to outperform other investments.

During the 1970s, the secret to avoiding losses and prospering was to hoard away gold and silver early, before inflation hit. Today, that requires us to change our thinking and adapt to a new world of debt, rising inflation, higher taxes, and government oversight. Silver American Eagles - Silver Coins - One thing is certain, Washington will dictate the direction of stocks, bonds, real estate, and the U.S. Dollar for years to come as America has been forever changed due to out-of-control debt.

Why Invest in Silver Coins

What You Must Know Now to Maximize Returns

The last radical crisis of confidence was in the 1970s. Wealth moved from paper assets to hard money, from risk to safety. That created huge profit opportunities for those individuals willing to take a position in gold and silver.

Today’s prices offer incredible value, in our opinion. Silver could very well become a most profitable investment.

  • Silver’s all-time nominal high was $50 in 1980.
  • The inflation-adjusted Silver high is over $132.
  • In the spring of 2011, Silver exploded from $28 to $48 in a few short months.

While we believe silver and gold will multiply in value in the coming years, silver appears to be the best value you can find compared to other precious metals. The current low price of silver is an opportunity, which is quite quite rare for precious metals. The sooner you discover the three secrets and begin to hoard silver, the better off you’ll be.