Rare Coin Secrets


Rare Coins Secrets

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Time has proven that collectors tend to make the most money in Rare Coins because they search out "undervalued coins" and buy during market lulls. Buying in today's market climate offers you superb upside profit potential.

Rare Coins Perspective

Rare coins have an extremely limited, fixed supply which has historically increased in value when demand overwhelms availability. Rare coins go up as well as down in price with varying market cycles. We believe the most successful rare coin portfolios were built in down markets. By systematically assembling a variety of choice, rare, and desirable coins investors have the best result. Make sure to give three to five year, or longer, holding period in mind.

Focus on the Precise Coin Market

Thousands of coins have been issued over the past 200 years. Very few collectors are experts on more than a few types of coins. For that reason alone, it's important to build a relationship with a firm that employs a team of knowledgeable Rare Coin Advisors and Numismatic Experts that are recognized as pillars of authority throughout the industry, like the Rare Coin Advisors at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. They can help you define your areas of interest, your investment goals, and help guide you to a specific area of US coins designed to be both profitable and extremely enjoyable.

Four Factors of Succeeding in Rare Coin Collecting

To build a profitable portfolio that's balanced and diversified, you need to consider these factors before entering the US rare coin market:

1. Focus on Areas With Strong Collector Appeal – We recommend US rare coins that have a broad base of both active investors and collectors. The more wealthy, sophisticated, and avid the base of buyers in an area, the more successful your portfolio should be in the long run.

2. Insist on Quality – We recommend US rare coins of the highest quality for the date that you can afford. These are always the hardest to find, most  desirable collector coins and have historically been top market performers. In our opinion, these coins are always in demand by serious collectors and investors.  We feel they will be the easiest coins to liquidate and turn the best profits.

3. Look for a Strong Performance History – Take the time to review the price history of any rare coin you purchase. Rare coins that have a good history of 200% to 300% price increases during recent bull markets, usually offer you an excellent profit potential in the next hot market. While past performance is no guarantee of future value, undesirable coins are losers in any market. It is of utmost importance to remember that each rare coin must stand on the value of its own individual merit related to grade, price, eye appeal, and rarity.

4. Search Out Rarity 
– Finally, we recommend you acquire a selection of genuinely rare United States coins. There are fundamentally two ways to determine a coin's rarity. That is "Condition Rarity" and "Absolute Rarity." Condition Rarity is a coin that is rare in higher grades. Some coins are common in worn, circulated grades, yet there could be only five coins known to exist in higher mint-state grades of MS-63 to MS-65. Absolute Rarity is a coin that is rare in any grade. These are truly desirable gold coins that are hard to locate and acquire in all grades. These few coins that are Absolutely Rare in any grade are the "Blue Chip Recommendations" of the US rare coin market.

We hope this overview and these guidelines will assist you building a valuable collection of United States rare coins that will prove to be both fun and profitable in the long run.

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