U.S. Silver Dollar Showcase

Her beauty has inspired collectors for over 135 years. She is the most classic and best known design of all U.S. Silver Coins. She is the inspiration and enduring symbol of American freedom. We call her "Miss Liberty" and she adorns the most collectable Silver Coins of all– the Morgan Silver Dollar.

Named after her designer, George T. Morgan, this Silver Dollar design has been the coin that all others are compared against for beauty, quality, historic value, and rarity. Since the day they were first minted in 1878, they have been a touchstone of partriotic values, hard work, and the great ideas that built our nation.

The Miss Liberty design is surrounded by the date, 13 stars for the 13 colonies and the words E Pluribus Unun– translated "one from many." This refers to the United States formed as one nation from 13 colonies.

The reverse design is a proud American Eagle with wings widespread preparing to take flight. The Eagle is our symbol pride, prestige, and strength. The spread Eagle holds an olive branch representing peace in its right talon, and three arrows in its left representing America's willingness to fight for our freedem. The official designations of United States of America, One Dollar, and In Gold We Trust along with a laural wreth adorn the reverse. The better the original stike and the more well-preserved the coin, the more finely detailed at these delightfully engraved features.

Morgans were struck at xx branches of the U.S. Mint including x,y,z. The mint mark, if present, is below the wreath. No mint mark indicates the Silver Dollar was struck in Philadelphia.

Official Silver Dollar Specifications

• Each Morgan Silver Dollar contains .7734 troy ounces of pure Silver.

• Morgans are approximately 1.xx inches in diameter.

• Exhibits a reeded edge.

Start a Morgan Silver Dollar Collection Today

A small collection of a dozen Morgan Silver Dollars can be yours for a few hundred dollars. However, the rarest and finest Silver Dollars in the series can easily cost $xxxx. Due to the wide variety of common dates and mints up to the extremely Rare dates and mints, the Morgan Silver Dollars fit into the collections of almost every collector.

As with all Rare Coins, we recommend you acquire the finest quality and rarest Morgan Silver Dollars you can comfortably afford. The collector with an eye to the future and a long-term outlook may look forward to profiting handsomely over the coming years.


Anna Willess Williams, pictured here in 1922, sat for George T. Morgan five times as a model for his design.

Exceptional Morgan Silver Dollars

While the above features have remained constant throughout the years, there have been essentially three main variations of the reverse used in the Morgan Dollar series. In the first reverse design, the breast of the eagle is flat and concave and the eagle has eight tail feathers. This design was utilized only in 1878. The second reverse design depicts the breast of the eagle as still flat and concave, but the eagle exhibits only seven tail feathers and has parallel
arrows. This design was used for the majority of other 1878 silver dollars, and for some 1879-S and 1880-CC dollars. A subcategory of the second reverse is the 7/8 tail feather design. This is where the seven tail feathers were stamped over the original 8 tail feathers. 

This iconic coin was only minted from 1878 to 1904 and was minted again for one year in 1921. A symbol of the American West, the Morgan Dollar represents the growth of the United States and is the cornerstone of early American commerce.