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  1. The Historic 1715 Fleet Shipwreck

    The Historic 1715 Fleet Shipwreck

    The historic 1715 Fleet Shipwreck holds legendary status among maritime disasters. This catastrophe occurred on the eastern coast of Florida on July 31, 1715, when Spanish ships laden with treasure met their end.

    The Fleet's Departure

    The Spanish fleet set sail from Havana, Cuba, aiming to return to Spain. Altogether, the ships carried a vast fortune of gold, silver, and precious gems. In fact, the treasure's estimated worth was millions of pesos, and the ships formed a crucial part of Spain's colonial wealth.

    The Storm That Changed History

    A violent hurricane struck the fleet off the coast of Florida without warning. The ships struggled against fierce winds and waves, but the fleet

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  2. The Remarkable Gold Bar Faceplate

    The Remarkable Gold Bar Faceplate


    The SS Central America, also known as the "Ship of Gold," sank in 1857. The shipwreck carried massive gold lost during the California Gold Rush. Additionally, large Kellogg & Humbert gold ingots were among the treasures recovered. Obviously, these large gold bars were so big that they would cost over a half-million dollars based on the gold content alone. Therefore, the remarkable gold bar faceplate weighing 17 ounces was cut off to be more affordable. The original gold bar, produced by Kellogg and Humbert, weighed over 239 ounces.

    The SS Central America Shipwreck

    The SS Central America sank in a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas. The ship was en route from Panama to New

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