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  1. Who owns the gold from the S.S. Central America?

    Who owns the gold from the S.S. Central America?

    There is no easy answer regarding who owns the gold from the S.S. Central America. The S.S. Central America, also know as the “Ship of Gold,” sank in a hurricane off the cost of the Carolinas with tons of gold from the San Francisco mint. In addition, there were gold coins, ingots, gold dust, and various bullion coins from the California Gold Rush that went down with the ship. In fact, the enormous loss of gold has been described as the greatest economic catastrophe in all of U.S. maritime history.


    I took over a 150 years to find the Ship of Gold sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was located by the Columbus-America Discovery Group of Ohio, led by Tommy Gre

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  2. How much is a Venetian ducat worth?

    How much is a Venetian ducat worth?

    When someone asks us how much is a Venetian Ducat worth? We always have to ask what condition the coin is in and how old it is. For instance a Venetian Ducat from 1400-1413 in Mint State 67 are extremely rare and worth a lot of money. In fact, only 9 are known to be in such a pristine condition. Plus, there are only 141 of these coins even graded. Coins like this were produced in the eastern Mediterranean regions south and east of Venice.


    A Venetian Ducat, ND. Michele Steno, 1400-1413 features Doge kneeling before the standing figure of St. Mark on the obverse. Christ standing within stars and holding the gospel is on the reverse. The coin we are featuring in the video below has a perfectly centered sharp strike, full luster, and absolutely beautiful. NGC has certified this magnificent coin to be in MS-67 condition.


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