Platinum Coins



    Introduction: A Guide to Building Your Unique Treasure

    In the world of rare coin collecting, enthusiasts are captivated by history and welcome tips on collecting rare coins. Museums, such as the American Numismatic Association Money Museum, showcase extraordinary collections. The Smithsonian National Numismatic Collection and the British Museum contribute to our appreciation of rare coins, emphasizing their historical significance.

    The allure of rare coins extends beyond museum walls. Auction houses and private collectors frequently make these numismatic treasures available for sale. Rare coin collecting is not just a cultural and historical journey; it's also an opportunity for financial gain. Rare collections, featuring sought-after coins, can

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  2. Why Platinum Coins and Bars are a Good Investment

    Why Platinum Coins and Bars are a Good Investment

    Platinum bars and coins are very popular with precious metals investors. However, they only represent a small portion of most collector and investor’s portfolios. “Platinum investment makes up less than 10% of annual demand for the rare metal.” This is partially because platinum demand outstrips the supply. Nevertheless, investors and collectors alike know why platinum coins and bars are a good investment. test


    Platinum is considerably rarer than gold. It is harder to mine than gold and it is also found deeper in the Earth's core. In fact, it is considered the rarest metal of all! This is due to the short supply and broad demand. For these reasons many people believe platinum offers a luc

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