Philip III King of Macedon

Philip III King of Macedon was the son of Philip II. Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III, was also the son of Philip II. Philip III's actual name at birth was Arrhidaeus and his mother was Philinna of Larissa. Philip III didn't ascend to the Macedonian throne until after the death of Alexander III. Even though Philip III was older than Alexander he was overlooked because he was half-witted and an illegitimate son. Philip III ended up merely serving as a figurehead. He was only placed king as a pawn and out of necessity. It was Alexander III who claimed the throne right after his father’s bodyguard assassinated him. In fact, Alexander killed all his rivals before they could challenge him. However, he took Arrhidaeus under his wing because he was very fond of him. Alexander even brought his older brother on campaigns in order to protect his life.

The Death of Alexander the Great

When Alexander the Great died on June 10 323 BC a crisis ensued. Who would be Macedonia’s new king? Philip Arrhidaeus had to become the candidate even though he was mentally challenged. Alexander III's wife Roxana was pregnant and was waiting to give birth to their son.  He was to become the eventual heir to the throne and was to be named Alexander IV. It was decided that Philip III would reign as the appointed regent. He would be Philip III of Macedon in name only until the new Alexander IV would become old enough to rule. Philip III King of Macedon did not have a long lasting reign. Only 6 years after becoming King he was murdered by Alexander III's mother, Olympias. She put to death Philip Arrhidaeus and his wife Cassander due to her using her husband to advance her own cause. Cassander’s brother and a hundred of his partisans who were conspiring with Cassander were also killed. This cleared the path for Alexander IV to become Macedonia’s rightful new king.



Philip III Gold Stater CHAU Star


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