Rare $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin

People often ask us what a rare $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin is worth. Well, a fashion mogul Stuart Weitzman's 1933 Double Eagle gold coin sold for $18.9 million at Sotheby's Auction in New York! It shattered the world auction record. In fact, it nearly doubled the record for the world's most valuable coin ever sold.


But, why was this rare $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin worth so much? It was because the 1933 edition of the Double Eagle never entered circulation. Consequently, nearly all of them were returned to the US government and melted down. There were only a few of these coins that somehow entered the market. Therefore, the Secret Service in 1944 declared any of them owned by collectors would be prosecuted. Because, they considered these coins stolen.


There are many other less rare $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins. Some range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. What makes one more rare than another are several factors. A few of the them being:


  • Strong Demand For The Coin
  • Collector Appeal
  • Eye Appeal
  • State of Preservation
  • Certification of Grade


Collectors look for the "perfect" coins to own. Above all, they want to acquire the rarest and best quality coins they can comfortably afford.


1857 Double Eagle Gold Coin in Mint State 60 | Eureka Hoard


For example, the Double Eagle Gold Coin in the video below is also a very rare coin. In addition, it is in Mint State 60 condition. It is a 1857 Philly Double Eagle pedigreed from the Eureka Hoard. This beauty contains .9675 oz of pure gold and comes from a low mintage of 439K. More importantly, it is one of a few dozen known in mint condition.


For a little more than 3 times gold melt value—it seems to be an excellent value in today’s market. Incredibly, this is one of only 31 in the grade of Mint State 60. Additionally, just 108 are known finer.


This is a great coin for the money and is actually available for sale. Furthermore, Austin Rare Coins rates this coins "Highly recommended!" People collect coins for many reasons including fun and profit. Certainly, this 1857 $20 Double Eagle Gold is a great coin to add to anyone's collection.