How much is a Venetian ducat worth?

When someone asks us how much is a Venetian Ducat worth? We always have to ask what condition the coin is in and how old it is. For instance a Venetian Ducat from 1400-1413 in Mint State 67 are extremely rare and worth a lot of money. In fact, only 9 are known to be in such a pristine condition. Plus, there are only 141 of these coins even graded. Coins like this were produced in the eastern Mediterranean regions south and east of Venice.


A Venetian Ducat, ND. Michele Steno, 1400-1413 features Doge kneeling before the standing figure of St. Mark on the obverse. Christ standing within stars and holding the gospel is on the reverse. The coin we are featuring in the video below has a perfectly centered sharp strike, full luster, and absolutely beautiful. NGC has certified this magnificent coin to be in MS-67 condition.


A Collectable Coin


Another question we must ask before we can answer how much is a Venetian Ducat Worth is how heavy does it weigh? The weight and intrinsic quality of the coin are as important as its external appearance. "Venetian ducat was 3.545g of pure (by Renaissance standards) gold - it was essentially a bullion trading coin." Today one gold ducat would be worth around 150 dollars depending on the current price of gold per ounce. Of course, a certified Venetian Ducat from the early 1440s in perfect Mint State are worth more than just the intrinsic value. Because this coin is rare and a collectable it has much more value and interest to a collector.


Throughout the years a gold ducat of Venice has gained wide international acceptance. Above all, coin investors and collector alike have discovered the excitement of owning such a coin. Just like the medieval Byzantine hyperpyron, the Florentine florin, or other rare and precious coins. This coin would be a great addition to someone's collection.