$20 Liberty Head Gold from the 1890s

An important resource throughout human history has been gold. As the world's economies continue to fluctuate, investing in gold has become an increasingly attractive option. However, the challenge for many investors is figuring out which gold assets are the best value for their money. One option that is often overlooked is the $20 Liberty Head gold coin from the 1890s certified in mint state condition.

First and foremost, these coins were backed by nearly a full ounce (.9675 oz) of pure gold. As a result, people seeking good value in the gold market will find them to be a particularly appealing option. Minted between 1850 and 1907, $20 Liberties were widely used in both domestic and international commerce. Most importantly, they were a reliable and trusted asset.

Of course, not all $20 Liberty Head gold from the 1890s is created equal. Many have been heavily circulated or worn down, which has made higher-end mint condition examples particularly rare and more valuable. For this reason, collectors and investors alike are increasingly seeking out coins that are certified in mint condition. Particularly, those from harder-to-find dates in the late 1890s certified by either NGC or PCGS in Mint State 63 and above.

Mint State 63 coins

At present, we believe that certified Mint State 63 coins from this period represent an excellent investment opportunity. As long as these "better date" coins remain priced closely to the most common issues, we believe they should be aggressively acquired. 

Of course, for those investors who are looking for even more impressive coins, there are even better options available beyond Mint State 63. We have a selection of coins available in Mint State 64 and even a few that are certified in gem, mint state 65 condition. These coins are not only beautiful but also surprisingly rare for the money. Above all, this makes them an excellent choice for investors who are looking for the best possible value and greater upside potential.

If you're considering taking a larger gold position or have questions about $20 Liberty Head gold from the 1890s, our advisors are always available to provide assistance. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-928-6468, and we'll be pleased to help. Gold investments can be a great method to secure your riches in secrecy with the correct investment strategy and assistance.