Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve

A Treasure Trove of Canadian History.

In 2012, a remarkable discovery was made deep in the vaults of the Bank of Canada. Over 30,000 rare Canadian $10 and $5 gold coins from 1912 to 1914 were found, providing a glimpse into Canada's rich history and heritage. Moreover, unmistakable proof of the gold rush days that also occurred in Canada.  These coins were part of the Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve, a unique collection that has become a treasure trove of Canadian history.

The Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve was established after World War I when the Canadian government issued an order in council in 1914. Subsequently, it required all banks to send their gold coins, including Canadian $10 and $5 gold coins, to the Royal Mint in Ottawa. The coins were then melted down and made into gold bars to support the war effort. However, a small number of the 1913 and 1914 Canadian $10 gold coins managed to escape the melting pot and were preserved in cloth bags.

The coins were brought to Canadian banks, the Department of Finance, and then the Bank of Canada. This is where they stayed undiscovered for almost a century until their discovery in 2012. The Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve was managed by the Bank of Canada. Therefore, they granted their release and offered collectors and investors a unique opportunity to own a piece of Canadian history.

Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve Offered to Public

The coins were auctioned off and were extremely valuable to coin collectors and investors all over the world. The 1913 and 1914 Canadian $10 gold coins are both beautiful and truly scarce. Additionally, they also have nearly a half ounce (.4875 oz) of gold. They are considered by many to be the true first Canadian Gold Maple Coins. However, they do not feature the iconic maple leaf design that is now synonymous with Canadian coinage.

Today, the Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve is a testament to Canada's rich history and heritage. It is a treasure trove that tells the story of Canada's past and offers a glimpse into its future. The Canadian Gold Hoard Reserve is a reminder of the enduring value of gold. Most importantly, it demonstrates that preserving history has the power of discovery to captivate and inspire us.