Coin Grading Collectible Coins

Learning about coin grading collectible coins can be challenging when getting started. At Austin Rare Coins and Bullion, we have a wealth of coin-collecting resources. If you want to learn more about coin grading collectible coins from a reputable dealer, call us today to get started. Below, we have provided a basic understanding of the coin grading process to help you evaluate a coin's quality and grade.

coin grading collectible coins

Sheldon Grading Scale

The Sheldon Coin Grading Scale

The Sheldon Grading Scale is the most widely used system for evaluating the condition of a coin. Developed by Dr. William Sheldon in the late 1940s, this scale ranges from 1 to 70. To clarify, 70 is the highest grade possible. The Sheldon Scale evaluates coins based on their level of wear and tear. Additionally, it also takes into account other factors such as luster, strike, and eye appeal.

At Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, we use the Sheldon Grading Scale to accurately evaluate the quality of the coins we buy and sell. Most importantly, proper grading can greatly affect the value of a coin. For example, a coin graded MS-65 will be worth significantly more than the same coin graded MS-60.

By using a standardized grading system like the Sheldon Scale, we can ensure consistency and fairness in our evaluations. Whether you are looking to buy or sell coins, you can trust the expertise of the team at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion. In short, they can accurately assess the value of your coins based on the Sheldon Grading Scale.

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Coin Circulation

Uncirculated vs. About Circulated vs. Circulated

Coins can be categorized into three main categories based on their level of circulation: uncirculated, about circulated, and circulated.

Coins that have never been used as currency and are in excellent condition are known as uncirculated coins. These coins show no evidence of deterioration or wear. Additionally, their surface is free from any blemishes or scratches. Because they are so rare and valuable, uncirculated coins are greatly prized by collectors.

About circulated coins, also known as "almost uncirculated," are coins that have been in circulation for a short period of time. These coins may show slight signs of wear, such as light rubbing or minor scratches. However, they are still in excellent condition overall. About circulated coins are a popular choice for collectors who want high-quality coins without paying the premium price.

Circulated coins are coins that have been in circulation for a long period of time and show significant signs of wear and tear. These coins may have visible scratches, dings, or other damage, and their design may be partially worn away. While circulated coins may not be as valuable as uncirculated or about circulated coins, they still hold a historical and numismatic value and are a great addition to any collection.


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Coin Grading Collectible Coins Conclusion

Hopefully, this list has helped you better understand the coin grading process and understanding the differences between coins. We have plenty more coin-collecting-related resources and rare coins for sale at Austin Rare Coins and Bullion

We pride ourselves on coin grading collectible coins, and our team of professionals can accurately evaluate your coins. Let an Austin Coin Advisor help you to get the best coins to add to your collection. We can assist you whether you're a collector or an investor looking to diversify your holdings. In conclusion, Austin Rare Coins & Bullion can help you find the perfect coins to meet your needs.