4 Common Questions About Rare Coins

If you’re new to the rare coin industry, you may have a few questions about rare coins and their values. At Austin Rare Coins, we’re here to help collectors, buyers, and sellers alike with their rare coins, and that also means providing valuable insight into the hobby, so we’ve collected four of the most common questions we get asked and their answers so you can get started with all the information you need!

What Are Rare Coin Values?

This question doesn’t always have a set answer, unfortunately. While there are certain coins that are well-known to be valuable, such as Buffalo Nickels, there are many coins that fluctuate in value. If you think you have a coin that’s rare and valuable, reach out to our team today or visit us in person to get personalized, one-on-one customer service!

What Makes a Coin Rare?

In short, a rare coin is one that was not minted in mass production during its original run, or it’s a coin that only exists in very limited quantities around the world. Rare coins are ones that may be incredibly old, therefore there are few of them left in the world, or they may be ones that are unique or created in a different way than other coins available today (like being cast completely from silver or gold).

How To Value a Rare Coin

The best way to find the value of a rare coin is to get it evaluated by a professional in the industry. However, if you have details about the coin itself, you can roughly estimate the value by multiplying the weight of the coin by the percentage of the coin that is made of a valuable metal. This rough estimation equation can give you a baseline for pricing, but it’s always better to work with the experts to get the most accurate value of your rare coin.

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Where To Buy Rare Coins

When you’re looking for rare coins to purchase, your first stop should be to professionals who are reputable and reliable. At Austin Rare Coins, we provide personalized service, one-on-one attention, and more than 30 years in the rare coin industry. 

Come in to buy or sell your rare coins with Austin Rare Coins today! 

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