The Most Valuable Silver Eagle

The most valuable Silver Eagle is a 1999 PCGS graded MS70 Silver Eagle. It was the first to sell at auction for over $13,000! Certainly, an extraordinary amount for this coin in perfect condition. The price shows that the numismatic value far surpasses the value of its silver content.


A 1994 Silver Eagle in perfect MS70 condition comes in as the second rarest and most valuable. This coin sold at auction for over $11,000. This is only the second five-figure Silver Eagle coin! In addition, its price is 200 times its silver content.


In bronze or third place position are a couple of 1990 Silver Eagles. Of course, they are also in perfect condition. Both sold for $3,600. One in 2019 and the other in 2020. The sales of these coins were all document on This proves how valuable a silver bullion coin can become.


American Eagle Silver Dollars


American Eagle Silver Dollars were released in 1986. Since their first day, they've been the most highly prized silver bullion coins in the world! The US Mint does not sell Brilliant Uncirculated versions of American Silver Eagles to the public. They are only available through authorized distributors and agents.


Collectors look for Silver Eagles slabbed and certified by NGC or PCGS in perfect Mint Sate 70 condition. However, near perfect Mint State 69 condition coins are also highly regarded. Furthermore, MS69 are more affordable to most collectors.


Austin Rare Coins & Bullion sells complete date sets of Silver Eagles in Mint State 69 condition. These sets include tough dates we seldom see. Dates like the mid 1990s that are especially hard to come by. To collect an entire set of the highest grades possible is indeed a collectors dream. Especially, if someone has been looking for rare American Silver Eagle Dollars.




  • Dates: 1986 – 2021
  • Mint & Mintmark: There’s no mintmark on bullion versions of Silver Eagles, but they’re made in West Point unless specified otherwise.
  • Weight: Each Silver Eagle weighs 1-oz.
  • Denomination: One Dollar
  • Purity: .999-fine
  • Grade: NGC MS-69
  • Diameter: About 1.25-inches
  • Packaging: 20-coin NGC boxes