Tiberius II was a good emperor

As far as the history of rulers of the Byzantine Empire, Tiberius II was a good emperor. Tiberius II ruled as an Eastern Roman emperor from 574 to 582. He ruled Byzantine Empire under the Justinian dynasty and proved himself to be a capable administrator that was well loved by his people.


During the Justinian Dynasty Tiberius II rose to power in 574 when Justin II started to have a mental breakdown. Justin the II had adopted Tiberius as his own son and proclaimed him Caesar. In fact, in 578 the dying Justin II gave Tiberius the title of Augustus and becoming co-emperor alongside him. Tiberius became sole ruler less than two weeks later. Subsequently, Tiberius took the regnal name of "Constantine" under which he reigned until his death.  


Why the Byzantine Empire?


The Eastern Roman Empire was also referred to as the Byzantine Empire because of Constantine the Great. He was the first Christian emperor, who rebuilt the city of Byzantium as an imperial capital. Byzantium soon became known as Constantinople.


It took hundreds of years before the term Byzantine was the accepted name for this surviving Eastern Roman Empire. Historian believed that the Byzantine civilization was a blend of Roman political institutions, Greek culture, and Orthodox Christian religion.


Tiberius II fondly remembered


Before Tiberius became emperor there was terrible plague that started throughout the Byzantine Empire. It began in 541 and was the first recorded world pandemic. The devastating plague tore through the Byzantine Empire, which was ruled by Emperor Justinian. It also lasted through most of Justin II's rule. The plague was referred to as Justinianic Plague.


Luckily for Tiberius, the plague abated when he began his rule, which gave him more freedom of movement than Justin II. Tiberius decided that unlike his predecessor who saved and saved during the pandemic, he would spend the saved money. Consequently, he gave generous donations to the poor in order to win over the populace. Tiberius also removed taxes on wine and bread instituted by Justinian I.


Above all, Tiberius proved himself to be a capable administrator and avoided unnecessary wars. He strengthened the administration of the Roman Empire and continued the policies of Augustus. All in all, the Byzantine Empire enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity during Tiberius's reign.


Tiberius Constantin Gold Solidus


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