The Silver Victoriatus

There were three Punic wars fought between Carthage and Rome. Punic refers to Carthage or the Carthaginians taken from the language of the ancient Carthaginians; a late form of Phoenician. Hannibal's route across the alps during the second Punic war is probably the most remembered. Although, these two main powers of the western Mediterranean struggled for supremacy many years. In fact, huge losses on both sides occurred.

The First Punic War lasted 23 years (264–241 BC) and primarily fought on the Mediterranean island of Sicily and its surrounding waters. Meanwhile, they also fought in North Africa. After such a prolonged struggle the first Punic war ended in a loss for Carthage. However, Carthaginians were still itching to fight the Romans. Carthage suffered extensive economic losses in Sicily. As a result, they needed to find a solution to improve its weakened economy.

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