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  1. Hard Money Investor

    Hard Money Investor

    Hard Money Investor - The Precious Metal Industry's Leading Magazine is a must-read for anybody interested in actual precious metals. Furthermore, our groundbreaking newsletter will provide you with:

    • Clear, Concise, and Timely Market Intelligence
    • Reliable and Straightforward Economic Analysis
    • Insider Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

    Clients often ask us for timely, up to the minute, news on the economy. Above all, as we enter the new decade, they want to know about precious metals. In fact, our unique insider information can help you in many ways to make wise financial decisions

    The Hard Money Investor, the latest publication of Austin Rare C

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  2. Important Metals Market Update

    Important Metals Market Update

    January 18th, 2021

    We are posting this Important Metals Market Update to keep you in the loop. Gold and silver bullion we handle are taking longer and longer to acquire. In addition, there is not enough supply to meet demand. In other words, we need to tell you the truth. Something strange is happening within the gold and silver markets.

    In recent weeks American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs have become quite scarce. Gold and silver bullion delays are building across the industry. Once readily popular bullion items are now taking 2-4 weeks, and sometimes

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